Power Lube Sensor® 24V

The Power Lube Sensor system can be installed on all lubrication points of the machine. It can be adapted to all kinds of oil and grease pumps installed upstream of the system (supplied via a central lubrication system or automatic lubricators or even gas system lubricator or manual pump, etc.).


Description of the Power Lube Sensor ®

Precise control and mastered alerts : The Power Lube Sensor® Technology cleverly developed for data collection of up to 100 Power Lube Sensor® units.

Design and functional description:

The Power Lube Sensor controls both the quantity / volume of lubricant as it passes through the electromechanical system as well as the remote transmission of alarms related to poor lubrication faults.

It also controls the various alarms (battery level fault alarm, lubricant volume fault alarm, operating alarm, etc.) while adapting to all lubrication systems and industrial machine lubrication points systems.

Reliable control of all lubrication components

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